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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Peek-A-Boo Cupcakes

Peek-A-Boo cupcakes are a wonderful way of sharing the news your having a boy or a girl. The idea is to make one cupcake for each guest/family..one cupcake is filled with blue(boy) or pink(girl) buttercream icing.. Then when your guests/family member who gets the color filled cupcake yells boy or girl. 
Most mothers to be will tell there doc/tech before the ultrasound they would like the sex keep secret..Ask the doc/tech to write down the sex and place it an envelope (sealed). Then mom give envelope to her baker. The fun part is no one know but the baker and the doc/tech. So everyone finds out at the same time...

I would suggest you speak with your baker before to make sure they understand what you want...as well as have a plan on when you would like to tell your loved ones...small dinner  the night of the ultrasound is most popular...most people want to know asap..lol

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