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I am married and a mother of 3. I started baking cakes about 10 years ago.I love seeing the look on a person's face when they see what I have created out of sugar.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Duncan Hines new Amazing Glaze and Orange cake mix.

Okay we had a nasty winter storm and I am now back to the blog!!!
While I was away, I tried the new Duncan Hines Orange cake with the Chocolate Amazing Glaze. My review is not good. I love Duncan Hines,but with that being said the orange flavor was awful. It tasted like a baby aspirin. As for the Chocolate Amazing Glaze. I liked the ease of just opening the bottle and putting it in the microwave. Once warm it poured well over the cake. And with that being said that taste was awful as well. This is not just my opinion. I had 5 people taste it..and all 5 said about the same thing. So I will not be using the orange cake mix or the chocolate glaze by Duncan Hines again.