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I am married and a mother of 3. I started baking cakes about 10 years ago.I love seeing the look on a person's face when they see what I have created out of sugar.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Want a moist cake every time?

Want a moist cake every time?
Add a box of instant pudding to your mix or recipe!
Bake at a lower oven temp for longer time.
Simple sugar...equal part hot water/white sugar. Mix until surgar disolves. Let Cool and brush cake.
You can also flavor the simple sugar with just about anything as well.. Liquor is most common. Like Kahlua, Chambord etc... Don't use Liquor when children will be eating said cake.

Cupcake Bouquet

Choose a pot you want to use. Then get a styrofoam ball that fits that pot. Cut ball in half. I used hot glue to secure the ball half to the top of this planter.

I baked and allowed to cool my cupcakes. Ploted out were they were going, then removed them. ( now I use empty cupcake papers to do this...live and learn...)

Once I had done all that, It was time to decorate.

I used unused cupcake papers to fill in the gags.( I now paint the ball to match..less waste)

Here it is all done..My grandmother loved it..(It was for her 79th birthday)