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Monday, April 11, 2011

Frozen Buttercream transfer

This is the pic that was wanted on a cake. In buttercream not an edible image..so I did a frozen buttercream transfer

I had the pic enlarged at the UPS store it cost 1.05 to make it a 11x13. I then taped the image to the back of a cookie sheet. Then taped wax paper over that. Make sure it will not move. Then I outlined it in black.

Then I mixed my icing and started filling in the outline. Then once I was happy with that I took some white icing (because the cake it was going on was going to be iced in white) and spread it all over it pressing lightly to smother out the colored icing as well as remove air pockets. Once that was done I placed it in the freezer overnight.

I prepared the cake for the transfer..( leveled iced) then took the cookie sheet with the transfer on it out of the freezer..(fingers crossed) I ran a knife over the tape to loosen it from the cookie sheet. Then carefully lifted the transfer and flipped it over slowly onto the cake. Then carefully peeled off the wax paper. and this is what i got.  I was not very happy with this to rough...so i decided to outline it again(while on the cake) and then small star tip filled it in...

And this is what i got...liked this much better. I will try another frozen buttercream transfer soon..but i will do one with less detail....

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