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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to make a Dark Chocolate peanut butter cup barrel cake

You will need about 20 peanut butter cups, about 50 kit kat sticks..they come in pairs so about 25 pairs, and this is for an 8 in  two layer cake. you will need more for bigger cakes.

And your cake! This is dark chocolate fudge but you can use whatever you like. Baked, cooled and leveled.
(Recipe is under the recipe tab)

Place about 10 peanut cups in a zip lock bag

and crush...

put in your peanut butter butter cream and mix well

this is my taste tester.!!!

Once your candies are mixed in the icing spread on bottom layer then on top layer..

I then use plain butter cream to ice the sides then start adding you kit kats. I sometimes have to add a little more butter cream to the backs of the kit kats to make them stick..it is a bit dry in my house.

once you have all you cake covered in kit kats ...crush the rest of your peanut butter cups and place on top clean up your board and you may want to add a bow around the barrel ...if you are taking it some where I would advise putting a bow on it at least until you make it where your going..

and with the left over butter cream and the cake that was cut off when leveling I make cake balls.

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